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San Diego
United states


Hello, my name is Michelle Montrose, and this website contains my artwork.

Barrio Logan

Sometimes, we don't get what we want. But perhaps it's because something better is waiting. This was certainly the case when I applied and got rejected for an artist residency. Free studio space? What artist wouldn't want that? I applied eagerly but soon discovered that the application process was harder than I thought it would be.

Applying for the residency made me evaluate what I really wanted to paint, what I wanted to invest my time and resources in, and what mattered enough to devote myself to. I found my inspiration in the streets of Barrio Logan, where I work and live.

You might not see beauty here when you drive through- but my paintings will help you to see it differently. And if you already see that beauty, then you and I have solidarity between artist and viewer that cannot be shaken.

I love the way a wire cuts across the sky, creating two shapes where there used to be one.

I love the variety and pattern that buildings of different heights and states of disrepair create.

I love the way an alley recedes into a puzzle of urban jungle.

These streets are a fount of inspiration for me, but my adoration goes beyond that.

I hope these proud colors, modern themes, and unorthodox artistic choices bring you, as the viewer, to a place where you see Barrio Logan the way I do.