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San Diego
United states

Hello, my name is Michelle Montrose, and this website contains my artwork.


Living artistically in San Diego, CA.


Michelle Montrose is a passionate and innovative artist living in San Diego, California. She graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from San Diego State University in 2015, and is an active board member of The Southwestern Artists Association at the Spanish Village in Balboa Park. She works primarily in oils, but also works in acrylics, pastels, graphic, charcoal, digital, and mixed media when it is appropriate for the project. 

She considers herself a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Fine Artist, and Performer. Maintaining a balance between these artistic outlets can be a challenge, but Michelle considers it one worth taking on. In addition to art, she is also passionate about Gaming, Traveling, Language-Learning/ Teaching, and Volunteering.

You can support her work directly through Patreon, or by visiting her studio, #16B at the Spanish Village.

Current Exhibitions

Studio 16B at the Spanish Village,

  • 1770 Village Place, San Diego CA 92101.

  • Open Daily 11am-4pm.

  • Ongoing 

The Studio Door

  • 3867 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

  • Tuesday- Sunday, 12pm-7pm

  • Feb 1st- Feb 23rd

Small Image Show

  • Gallery 21, 1770 Village Place, Sna Diego CA 92101

  • Open Daily 11am-4pm

  • Feb 1- Feb 28th

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